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  1. Participant (owner) states that he/she has the legal right to acknowledges the jurisdiction by the Dutch Council on Kynoly and accepts the rules and procedure, pursuant to their regulations and rules concerning working dogs and of the relevant implementing provisions laid down and accept with those regulations and provisions.
  2. Tenderer (owner) states that, to its knowledge, the registered dog by him during the last 12 weeks has not been in circumstances as a result of which there is a risk of contamination, distemper or any other disease of contagious character is to be feared. He/she also explains that the dog will not participate, if the stated conditions appear shortly for the games to start.
  3. I, the undersigned, certify that the registered dog, if born after april 30, 1989, or was born in another country after 1 October 1996, has not to been cropped by the ears and if the dog is born after 1 October 2001 also the tail has not been docked.
  4. For IPO 3 with CACIT and the Combination game, monorchide, cryptorchid and castrated males are not allowed.
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